NT Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET)

The Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET) qualification is designed to recognise the knowledge and skills that have been acquired through formal education and training.

The completion requirements, approved by the Minister for Education, make the NTCET a unique and contemporary certificate that is closely aligned with senior secondary directions in other states.

The NTCET provides students with access to flexible learning arrangements where students have increased opportunities to develop the business, interpersonal and employment-related skills needed for the future.

Forms and guidelines

2014 results

Senior secondary students across the Territory received their Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET) results today.

In 2014, 1315 students completed the NTCET, an increase of 60 students compared to 2013, the greatest number of certificate completions since its inception.

Events were held concurrently today at Casuarina Senior College and Alice Springs Town Council to celebrate the students who achieved results in the NTCET Top 20 (link to Top 20 students).

The students were congratulated and recognition was given to the support and guidance provided by student’s families, teachers and friends during the demanding senior secondary years.

The Territory’s top scoring NTCET student, Anna Miers from Centralian Senior College, obtained an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 99.9.

The top performing Indigenous student, Asha Tonkin-Reeves from Katherine High School, one of the 171 Indigenous students who have completed the certificate.

The Top 20 results were determined from the university aggregate scores of 20 students from five schools - Casuarina Senior College (7), Darwin High School (6), St Philip’s College (4), Centralian Senior College (2), and The Essington School (1).

This year, 21 students achieved the top two per cent in Stage 2 subjects and were awarded 30 A+ merit awards.

NTCET 2014 Top Students - Shemil Silva (CSC), Timothy Miles (CSC), Joshua McDonald (CSC), Hayden O’Brien (CSC), Sarah Frost (Essington), Afif Mazid (DHS), MINISTER STYLES, John Kwon (DHS), Shannon Kieran (CSC), Yichi Zhang (DHS), Meg Smith (DHS).

Shemil Silva (CSC), Timothy Miles (CSC), Joshua McDonald (CSC), Hayden O’Brien (CSC), Sarah Frost (Essington), Afif Mazid (DHS), MINISTER STYLES, John Kwon (DHS), Shannon Kieran (CSC), Yichi Zhang (DHS), Meg Smith (DHS).

To assist students in interpreting their results, a free-call Results Enquiry Service Helpline is available at 1 800 009 282, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm, until 2 January 2015 (excluding weekends and public holidays). Results have been posted to all students today and can be seen online at www.sace.sa.edu.au

Completion requirements of the NTCET

Every subject you complete successfully will earn you credits. Gain 200 credits in the right mix of subjects and courses and you will receive your NTCET. As an indication, a full semester (six months) of study in one subject will be worth 10 credits.

Students will receive a grade for each subject (A to an E). For the compulsory subjects, a C grade or better will be required to complete your NTCET.

At Stage 1 (Year 11), teachers at your school will mark all subjects. At Stage 2 (Year 12), 30 percent of your work in each subject (such as exams, practical projects and presentations) will be marked by experts outside your school. The rest of your work will be assessed by teachers at your school, with their marks cross-checked with experts outside your school. This ensures everyone is marked according to the same standards.

When you have finished your NTCET, you will receive a certificate which records your achievements. Information about your achievements will be available online in both Stage 1 and Stage 2.

The following table shows what will be required as a minimum to achieve the NTCET. Many students will choose to study more subjects than the minimum required at Stage 2.

NTCET minimum requirements

Completion Requirements

  • Students must achieve an A, B or C for all the compulsory subjects and courses.
  • Students must achieve an A, B or C in 140 credits.

NTCET completion requirements

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The NTCET is based upon the South Australian Certification of Education (SACE) which is administered by the SACE Board of South Australia.

More information

You may also contact the Certification Officers at the Department of Education on (08) 8944 9253 or (08) 8944 9254.