Indigenous Education Review

The final report of the review of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory, A Share in the Future – Review of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory, was released by the Minister for Education, Mr Peter Chandler on Wednesday 14 May 2014.

The report was prepared following research and an extensive consultation process with key stakeholders and the general public and includes findings and recommendations for the future of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory.
Fifty-one recommendations cover the span of education from the early years through primary years to the delivery of secondary education together with the support structure including attendance, community engagement, student wellbeing, behaviour management, workforce planning, funding and the roles and responsibilities of teachers and principals and the department.

Feedback from the consultation has shaped some of the key recommendations. The review visited many schools, including four schools in Cape York in Queensland. The recommendations reflect evidence of successful practice identified in these schools.

A number of the recommendations from A Share in the Future will require significant reform and careful consideration by government.

The full final report and recommendations can be found here (or single chapters here)

A Share in the Future: The Review of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory (pdf 3.1MB)


The Northern Territory Government commissioned an independent review of Indigenous education in 2013 to get an informed understanding of the impact of current programs and initiatives.

A considerable amount of resources, both Territory and Commonwealth, have been committed to improving Indigenous education outcomes. Despite this significant investment, the literacy and numeracy outcomes of remote and very remote Indigenous students still fall well below those of non-Indigenous students and also below those of Indigenous students living in similar circumstances in other jurisdictions.

It is critical that there is a strategic, evidence-based implementation plan in place to target resources and effort.

The review was conducted independently of government by an experienced education consultant, Bruce Wilson, supported by a team from the Department of Education.

There were two phases of research and consultation, with a draft report and recommendations released in December 2013 to facilitate further consultation.

Key Project Milestones

  • Draft report provided to the Northern Territory Government by December 2013
  • Consultation on draft recommendations 7 February 2014 - 9 March 2014
  • Final report provided to the Northern Territory Government by 14 May 2014

Further Information

Indigenous Education Review Terms of Reference (pdf 34kB)

Single chapters

Chapter as PDF
Letter of transmission, Contents and Glossary 1.5 MB
Overview 518.3 KB
Chapter One: Introduction 720.1 KB
Chapter Two: What we can control 352.1 KB
Chapter Three: Demographics 452.9 KB
Chapter Four: School Categories 601.2 KB
Chapter Five: The education system 496.5 KB
Chapter Six: Community engagement 475.4 KB
Chapter Seven: Early childhood 502.6 KB
Chapter Eight: Primary education 1.0 MB
Chapter Nine: Secondary education 1.0 MB
Chapter Ten: Attendance 859.5 KB
Chapter Eleven: Wellbeing and behaviour 811.5 KB
Chapter Twelve: Workforce planning 528.9 KB
Chapter Thirteen: Finance and resourcing 516.4 KB
Bibliography 860.8 KB
Appendix One: Learning Lessons: a reflection on the Collins review 454.1 KB
Appendix Two: School and Site Visits 190.3 KB
Appendix Three: Employment Pathways 493.2 KB
Appendix Four: Australian Government Funding Agreements 471.0 KB
Appendix Five: Indigenous Education Review Survey 743.5 KB
Appendix Six: School categories 439.7 KB
Appendix Seven: Comparison of student achievement in bilingual schools 2008 and 2013 583.1 KB
Appendix Eight: Consultations and submissions 1.0 MB