Indigenous Education Strategy

A Share in the Future – Indigenous Education Strategy 2015 - 2024

The Northern Territory Government has endorsed a ten year strategy, A Share in the FutureIndigenous Education Strategy 2015-2024 in response to the recommendations from the Indigenous Education Review. The main objective of the strategy is to ensure that Indigenous students in the Northern Territory are both confident and successful in their education journeys and have real career choices and options, both within and beyond their communities. 

The overall strategy has been designed in three stages, with the first stage of implementation 2015-2017 commencing immediately. Projects in 2015-2017 will include:

Foundations - Incorporating early childhood education and developmental programs, starting from birth continuing on until the start of full-time schooling.

Essentials - Structured literacy and numeracy programs created for children in the primary years of schooling.

Pathways - Secondary provisions in regional and urban schools and the provision of workplace literacy and numeracy programs. 

Engagement - Opportunities for students, families and communities to have a purposeful engagement in education, including transition points for improved outcomes in student attendance, wellbeing and achievement.

Workforce - A comprehensive workforce strategy designed to provide skills and support required to improve education outcomes. 

After the three year period an evaluation will be conducted to inform the next stage. An Indigenous Review Implementation Team has also been established to oversee the implementation, working closely with schools, communities and business units.

To support the implementation, the Northern Territory Government has worked with the Australian Government to align the Stronger Futures National Partnership Agreement with the actions in the first three years of the strategy’s implementation to ensure effective targeting of funding.


In 2013, an independent review of Indigenous education in the Northern Territory was commissioned by the Minister for Education and consultant Bruce Wilson. The final report, A Share in the Future Review of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory, published in 2014, revealed that despite the significant investment and resources, education outcomes for many remote and very remote Indigenous students remained unacceptably low and there was a vital need for reform.

A Share in the Future, Review of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory